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Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a professionally managed investment plan. It is operated by Asset Management Company (AMC), which acts as an intermediary for retail investors. AMC earns money from large scale investors and invest in equities, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. Buying a mutual fund means buying a small piece of big pizza. In each investor, in turn, in the amount of its investment, specific units are assigned to the extent of the fund. Investors are known as unitholders. Unit holder shares the expenditure, loss, income and fund cost compared to the fund’s investment.

How do mutual funds work?

Each mutual plan is managed by a fund manager. They have made investment strategies based on the investment objective of the fund. The fund manager routinely tracks the fund portfolio and determines the shares of the underlying asset classes when buying / selling. As a mutual fund investor, your mutual fund unit will describe your holding in a specific plan. The value of these units is the value of Net Asset Value (NAV) that is set at the end of each day. NAV fluctuates as per the changes in the price of the holdings of the fund. Unit holder can purchase or redeem units at present NAV. He participates proportionally in the benefit or loss of funds. SEBI is the regulator for all mutual funds in India. Considering the investor’s interest, they make the fund provisions.

Nature of investment ( SIP / Lump sum )

There are two basic ways to invest money in your favorite mutual funds. You can go sip or lone way

  1. Single investment: Single, you can invest a large part of your funds in the mutual fund scheme of your choice. This is usually when you receive huge amount from the sale of property or retirement benefits. But there is more risk in single-term investment. Therefore it is always recommended to go on SIP route
  1. Systematic Investment Plans (SIP): Under SIP, do you direct the bank to be cut? Invest in a fixed amount from your savings account and a mutual fund scheme per month. In this way you can buy continuous units without worrying at the right time to access the market. You get an average profit of rupees and the power of compounding is obtained

How does the Mutual Fund calculator work?

Does your mutual fund scheme revert to your expectations? Do you wonder how much SIP will help you achieve your personal goals? Get Your Answer Using Our Mutual Fund Calculator! Mutual fund calculator will give you the investment value at the time of maturity by calculating the return of funds in the moment of your investment. You can calculate variables such as SIP / Single, Investment Amount, SIP Frequency, Expected Return Rate and SIP Duration.

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