Best Alternative To Fixed Deposits

Tata Motor Finance Ltd - Perpetual Bonds- Coupon Rate-10.25%

Key Highlights

  • This bond can be considered for long term Investment purpose with annual returns. Coupon is 10.25% i.e you will receive Rs. 102,500.0 annual interest for every 10 lac Investment. It has call option on 24-Sep-2030.
  • The bond issuer is of type NBFC Retail. The Issuer raised total Rs. 25.0 Cr for this bond.
  • It is rated A by ICRA with NEGATIVE outlook.

About Issuer

Founded in 1957, Tata Motors Finance Limited is a non-banking financial company that provides financing to passenger and commercial cars manufactured by Tata Motors. The company is headquartered in Mumbai and currently has over 260 branches across India.