Best Alternative To Bank Deposits

Shriram Transport Finance Co.Ltd.- Coupon Rate-10.25%

Key Highlights

  • This bond can be considered for medium term Investment purpose with monthly returns. Coupon is 10.25% i.e you will receive Rs. 8,541.67 monthly interest for every 10 lac Investment.
  • The bond issuer is of type NBFC Retail. The Issuer raised total Rs. 550.0 Cr for this bond.
  • Use of Proceeds: For augmentation of tier-ii capital and to finance commercial vehicles, refinancing of existing debt and for other general corporate purposes.
  • It is rated AA+ by CRISIL with STABLE outlook and AA+ by IND-RA.

About Issuer

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC) was established in 1979 and has a long track record of over three decades in the commercial vehicle financing industry in India.