Invesco India Small Cap Fund NFO

Invesco India Mutual Fund has offered NFO from 10th Oct to 24th Oct, 2018. Invesco India Small Cap Fund NFO , an open ended equity scheme predominantly investing in small cap stocks. Investing in the right small caps at the right time can make a big impact to your portfolio. Invesco India Smallcap Fund selects small cap companies that are poised for growth.

Mr. Tahir Badshah will be managing this fund. He is currently managing Invesco India Multicap Fund, Invesco India Dynamic Equity Fund, Invesco India Contra Fund, and Invesco India Growth Opportunities Fund.

Why should one invest in Smallcaps?

  • Have the potential to scale in established, organized sectors. They may be small currently, but are part of a large profit pool.
  • Can be market disruptors in existing sectors.
  • Operate in industries/businesses where large cap and mid cap companies have a negligible presence.
  • Also, are niche businesses in sunrise industries

Investment strategy & Portfolio construction guidelines for Invesco India Small Cap Fund NFO

  • The fund will invest 65% – 100% of the net assets in smallcap companies with a view to generating capital appreciation over the long term.
  • The stocks will be selected based on bottom-up investment approach and will be guided by our investment philosophy and proprietary stock categorization framework, which enables the fund management team in filtering the stock universe to identify the best investment opportunities.
  • The fund will have a bias for growth stocks and will largely follow a fully invested approach.
  • The fund will hold around 30–50 stocks.

Who should invest in Invesco India Small Cap Fund NFO?

  • Existing investors, who wish to top up / complement their portfolios with a small cap offering.
  • Investors seeking to potentially enhance returns by investing in lesser known but promising businesses.
  • Investors with higher risk appetite.

Key factors for Invesco India Small Cap Fund NFO

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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